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Hello and welcome to my art hub. I'm a professional artist living in Victoria, BC. I'm formally educated by the Alberta University of the Arts where I completed my Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts. My background entails years of realistic portrait drawing, silk screen and t-shirt printing, and experimental painting. Now, I create custom artwork for collectors in Canada and abroad. I design and paint sneakers, jackets, murals, helmets, and more.


Celebrating the human spirit is what drives my creativity. The most common themes I work with include honoring my client's heritage and culture, loved ones who have passed, and athletic victory. I love mastering the multitude of techniques and pushing my painting style to new levels. But my favorite part of my job as an artist is taking the time to design meaning into every brush stroke to tell the client's story.

My most notable projects involved making work for NHL players, fashion models, photographers, and brands (see my list with links attached below).

If you'd like to order a custom piece or collaborate with me, don't hesitate to send me an email - I'd love to connect with you! You can also click on the corresponding links in the header to learn more. Thank you for being a fan and supporting my work!


Notable Projects:

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